the Colaborative Inc

National Register Nomination/Tax Act Certification

Recognition of historic properties throughout the United States is an on-going process through the listing of qualified structures, sites, and districts in the National Register of Historic Places. This designation offers official recognition of a property’s historical significance. Listing on the National Register also offers the potential of substantial financial benefits to private re-developers through Investment Tax Credits for qualifying rehabilitation of historic buildings. The Collaborative performs National Register nominations, which includes such information as detailed documentation of the physical appearance, historical significance, maps, and original photographs. In order to qualify for Investment Tax Credits, any changes to a building must conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The firm serves as a consultant in this process by providing necessary filings (typically minor), recommendations on appropriate rehabilitative designs, and plans and specifications for the qualified rehabilitation. The firm completes the applications for Tax Act Certifications required for rehabilitation of historic properties, and maintains ongoing dialogue with state and National Park Service representatives to amend plans to meet their considerations, and provide interpretations of the standards, in order that the project will fully qualify for the maximum amount of Investment Tax Credits.

The Inn at Zapata Ranch; A National Register Listing