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Materials Testing and Analysis, Diagnostics

The Collaborative maintains one of the few private laboratories in the United States for the evaluation of historic mortar and plaster constituents, and the match of paint layers to the Munsell System of Color Notation. The firm has completed laboratory analysis of historic materials for private agencies, federal and state entities, and historical societies since 1979. Through this evaluation of historic materials, the firm is able to provide critical data for the specification of replacement materials that are historically appropriate, and unlikely to exacerbate the deterioration of historic materials.

Historic Materials Laboratory: The Motar Analysis Section

For example, using a different mortar mixture from the original often causes accelerated deterioration of original masonry units. In some cases, materials analysis is used for the purposes of historic documentation; paint color sequences can indicate the order of additions to the original structure and replacement elements, for example, a non-original window.

In cases where the condition of building systems are concealed, a borescope is used for remote visual inspection. This offers the unusual combination of speed, accuracy, and low cost in evaluating the condition of otherwise hidden building structural systems and materials. The interior of the wall, floor, and ceiling cavities can be examined for damage and deterioration without removing the finish materials. This information can be recorded by photographic and/or video equipment.

A Borescope Examination of Exterior Limestone on the Kansas State Capital

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