the Colaborative Inc

The Collaborative Inc. (tCi) is an architectural firm with a specialty practice in historic preservation, historic structures and existing building evaluation, architectural planning, ADA compliance, mortar analysis, paint analysis, preservation, and tourism feasibility, among others.

For 43 years, we have developed an outstanding national practice addressing historic preservation/conservation issues as well as economic and energy sustainability of historic structures. Historic structures must earn their way by being sustainable. tCi has and continues to provide any or all of the following sustainability services on more than 1,000 structures to a wide range of government and private entities in more than 40 U.S. states and 2 territories.

  • Historic Structure Assessments and Reports
  • Historic Building Preservation Plans
  • National Register Nominations
  • Sampling and Laboratory Analysis of paint to determine historic paint schemes
  • Sampling and Laboratory Analysis of mortar to determine historic mortar composition
  • Masonry cleaning procedures testing evaluation
  • Regular and emergency exterior condition assessments and repair specification
  • Non-destructive testing for building condition assessments

Historic restoration and renovation is an old standard that will work most effectively in today's economic climate. Currently, common wisdom dictates that it is most cost-efficient to use what you have instead of building new. Well-built sustainable historic buildings are a tribute to our nation's heritage while promoting stability in uncertain times. tCi is skilled at crafting adaptive reuse of existing buildings while subscribing to the importance of meeting LEED standards to maximize efficient use of embodied energy.

Our clients have become a rich source of excellent references for us. We are consulted whenever they acquire a historic structure. Why? Because they want ensure that it is economically sustainable. When a structure they already own is becoming unstable, we help them determine which urgent measures to take. We go onsite and measure the source of deterioration, the extent of instability, and what plans can be laid to deflect and mitigate circumstances of deterioration, stabilize collapsing walls, and/or assist with grant writing for funding their dreams. How do we do this? We know what we know very well; we also know what we do not know. Consequently, we present our clients with a fine-tuned collaboration of a variety of specialists to implement strategies with their financial interests in mind; we have a strong working relationship with each team member. Please feel free to contact us at any time for specifics.

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