the Colaborative Inc

U.S. Post Office & Courthouse

Client: Aguirre & Associates / GSA

Site: Galveston, Texas

The Collaborative completed the technical evaluation of mortar and paint on this building, including the development of the sampling program, obtaining the samples, and analyzing the historic materials in the laboratory. The building masonry is red granite and porous light gray to buff limestone. The original mortar was a very soft lime-based mix, which has been altered over time by repointing with hard, Portland cement-based mortar. Building stone has cracked in various locations because the building was constructed without expansion joints. An analysis of the causes of such cracking was included in the report. A detailed monitoring and evaluation program for future work was specified. Fifty-four paint samples were collected and analyzed to determine the building’s paint schemes over time, and to recommend an appropriate scheme for restoration. The project client, the GSA, wished to fully restore the historic lobby of this National Register property. The lobby had art deco period plaster detailing, and the paint analysis indicated a subtle range of pastel colors in a complex scheme designed to enhance this detailing. Any other decorative painting or finishing was also identified through the process.