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U.S. Custom House - New York

Client: General Services Administration

Site: Ogdensburg, New York

Situated at the edge of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Ogdensburg, New York, this U.S. Custom House is a 175-year-old, two-and–one-half story fieldstone building of simple detail. It was originally built as a warehouse, but has been used as a Custom House since the St. Lawrence River trade route became important in the early 1800s.

A major renovation of the building in the 1930s changed the exterior appearance slightly, and with the exception of interior masonry bearing walls, the entire interior dates from that period. The interior details from the 1930s were virtually intact, and the Historic Structures Report made recommendations for upgrading building systems in such a way that the interior would not be damaged. The historic and architectural significance were evaluated and the report stressed the importance of this simple building, recommending that it be preserved as carefully as possible. A number of areas of deterioration were noted, and recommendations made to correct the problems.