the Colaborative Inc

The Stanley Hotel

Client: CHSIG

Site: Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel, built by F.O. Stanley, opened its doors June 22, 1909. Its striking Georgian Colonial Revival buildings and magnificent setting have made it one of the Rocky Mountains' best-loved hotels. F.O. Stanley, living in Colorado because of tuberculosis, arrived in Estes Park on his Stanley Steamer on June 3, 1903. Already known worldwide for its beauty and climate, Estes Park was nonetheless a tiny rustic town with few amenities. By his last summer in 1940, F.O. had not only created Estes Park's crown jewel, the Stanley Hotel, but also the physical and recreational infrastructure of the town. He built the road from Lyons, Colorado, set up water, power and sewer companies, as well as building the first bank. At the recreational level, F.O. provided two golf courses and oversaw the establishment of the Estes Park Protective and Improvement Association that brought fish back to the rivers, elk back to the region, and started Rocky Mountain National Park, which opened in 1915. In the tradition of Grand Resorts, the Stanley has seen its share of famous visitors, from Molly Brown, to the Emperor and Empress of Japan, movie stars, and Stephen King - inspired here to write The Shining. The Collaborative was retained to perform a Historic Structure Report, which evaluated the historic and architectural significance and physical condition of the Stanley main building, the manor house, and the theater building. During our historic research a complete and previously unknown history was found entitled The Stanley Hotel, which covered the life of F.O. Stanley, his hotel, and the Stanley steamer. Included in our evaluation were the requirements for complete rehabilitation of all buildings, and guidelines for new architecturally appropriate condominiums.