the Colaborative Inc

Rehabilitation of the Fort Meade Officers Quarters

Client: Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Site: Fort Meade, South Dakota

Fort Meade was developed as a cavalry fort in the 1870’s. It provided a base for the Seventh Cavalry’s efforts to protect the settlers from the northern Plains Indians. The original fort plan arranged living quarters and support buildings around a parade ground. Fort Meade is now owned and operated as a medical facility by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Many buildings have been added at the perimeter, but the historic quarters and parade ground remain much as they were when built originally. The historic buildings were deteriorated, and the Collaborative evaluated the condition of twelve of these structures, including the causes for deterioration, priorities of repairs and the cost estimates for, element by element. The firm created a matrix of repairs for each building related to costs, so the Department of Veterans Affairs could set priorities and phase repairs to fit the budget. As a result of the evaluation, the firm prepared plans and specifications for repairs to the eleven quarters and one chapel. The plans and specifications were developed on an extremely compressed schedule, with less than 45 days from the Notice to Proceed to the approval of completed contract documents. The firm also established a program to monitor building movement and also installed, and monitored crack gauges.