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Out & About In Monterey County

Client: Monterey County Board of Supervisors & Economic Development Commission

Site: Monterey County, California

Out & About In Monterey County is a guide to experiencing the beauty and mystique of Monterey County. It includes information on discovering the side roads, back roads, and the towns in between. The guide has been written by insiders, who live in, travel around, and love the area. When you visit the Monterey Peninsula, there is a lot to see and do. But there is more to Monterey County than just the sites and attractions of the Peninsula. This guide uses a combination of back road and county road tours, descriptions of little known and special places, listing of countywide events and activities, and restaurant review to interest the visitor in the diversity and warmth of the entire Monterey County experience. The format provides a local tour guide that introduces you to routes and places along the way that only the residents of the area know about