the Colaborative Inc

McIlvoy House

Client: City of Arvada

Site: Arvada, Colorado

The McIlvoy House was built in 1897 by one of Arvada’s prominent civic-minded couples. Clemency McIlvoy donated her home to the city, living there until her death in 1922. After that time, the house was used by various city organizations with many alterations made to the interior, and a few to the exterior, over the years. In the 1990s, the City of Arvada undertook a large urban renewal project aimed at revitalizing the historic core of the city. The Collaborative inc. was retained to prepare the Historic Structure Report for the McIlvoy House, which is one of the structures important to the revitalization. The preparation of this report was funded by a grant from the State Historical Fund, a program of the Colorado Historical Society. A materials assessment and site evaluation were completed along with recommendations for preservation and use of the house. The house will be used in part to store some of the historical records collected by the Arvada Historical Society.