the Colaborative Inc

Glenwood Springs Hydroelectric Plant

Client: City of Glenwood Springs

Site: Glenwood Springs, CO

The Glenwood Springs Hydroelectric Plant is a beautiful example of early engineering and its impact on the community. Built in 1888, this hydroelectric plant was the first of its type in Colorado, and one of the first in the country, developed only a few years after the commercial electric power systems were invented. The effects upon Glenwood Springs were substantial, changing life in the mountain community and other communities throughout the state over the following decades. The Electric Plant was in service until 1947, at which time it was purchased by the City of Glenwood Springs. The Glenwood Springs Hydroelectric Plant reminds us of a time when fledgling electric systems were beginning to transform culture, business, industry, development, planning, and quality of life. Today the Glenwood Springs Hydroelectric Plant no longer serves the community by providing electricity, but instead by housing the Glenwood Springs Arts Council. Here the community can partake in art classes, concerts, and other special events. Restoration of the building was initiated by the City, funded by the Colorado Historical Society, and with matching funds provided by the Arts Council. John Feinberg, Principal of the Collaborative inc, was hired as Conservator for the project by Sundesign Architecture and Dean Moffatt. Work included: site drainage and retaining wall construction; concrete and stucco repair; masonry repointing and masonry replacement; wood shingle, wood siding, fascia, soffits and trim repair; window restoration, new doors, new windows; and new paint. Paint and mortar were sampled and sent to the Collaborative’s laboratory for analysis. Historically correct mortar was used for repointing and masonry repairs, paint was returned to its original colors. Master Specs were provided, and a maintenance plan was created, to keep the National Register building functioning as an integral part of the community for many years to come.