the Colaborative Inc

Ewing Barn

Client: South Platte Valley Historical Society

Site: Fort Lupton, Colorado

The Ewing Barn, constructed in 1910, is the last remaining structural evidence of the historic Ewing Ranch, which was established by one of the foremost pioneering families in northeastern Colorado. This historic barn has some of the earliest poured concrete walls ever seen in Colorado. The structure was originally a horse barn, which suffered a serious fire around 1935. The upper portion of the barn was rebuilt at a smaller scale than the original, and the building has since been used for a variety of purposes over the years. The Collaborative was retained by South Platte Valley Historical Society to prepare a Historic Structures Assessment. The assessment had several goals: complete a materials condition assessment and recommend appropriate preservation treatments; determine the best use of the barn in the context of a larger Fort Lupton Site Master Plan; and gather historical information for the possible reconstruction of the barn.