the Colaborative Inc

Central City Opera House Association

Client: Town of Central City

Site: Central City, Colorado

Over time, the Central City Opera House Association purchased more than 40 historic properties, all of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These properties represent a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. The Collaborative evaluated each property for its historical significance, integrity, physical condition, and economic potential.

Maintenance plans were developed for each one of the properties, and historical materials analysis was performed on mortar, paint, plaster, roofing, and wallpaper samples. A general history and description of the architectural styles in the area was also provided. The architectural elements that contribute to the local style, a vernacular architecture characterized as “Mining Town Victorian,“ were identified. A guide to this style was also prepared to provide information to local residents, and materials conservation techniques were developed for the maintenance and curatorial staff to follow. An overall maintenance document was developed for each of the properties. As the properties did not previously have any systematic restoration plan, the firm also provided a prioritization model to be applied to all of the structures. The result of the properties study was $400,000 in construction work. tCi served as project architects for that construction work, and has continued to provide architectural and historic preservation consultation as needed.